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                • 產品介紹
                  Product: 6FDA
                  CAS No.: 1107-00-2
                  Product name: 6f-dianhydride(6FDA)
                  4,4′-(Hexafluoroisopropylidene)diphthalic anhydride
                  Purity: ≥99.5%(GC)
                  Molecular formula:C19H6F6O6
                  Formula weight:444.24
                  Electronic level
                  Minimum order quantity: 100KG
                  Payment terms: by L/C or T/T
                  DELIVERY TIME(FOB): within 20 days after the payment(China main ports).
                  Packing: 25 kilograms Paper barrel. Closed packing with moisture-proof plastic bag or aluminum foil bag inside, packing with carton outside.

                  Introduction and application
                  Hexafluoredianhydride (also known as 4, 4' -(hexafluoropropyl) diphthalic anhydride, 6FDA, CAS No. 1107-00-2) is one of the most widely used dihydride monomers, and the most widely used dihydride monomer among the colorless transparent polyimides.The glass transition temperature of polyimides synthesized from hexafluorodic anhydride is usually above 300°C, and their mechanical and electrical properties are well balanced. So far, they are still the most representative polyimides containing fluorine.
                  At present, the application of fluorine-containing polyimide is mainly used in the field of optics, which is widely used in optical communication, colorless transparent flexible circuit board, solar cell lining, organic flexible transparent conductive film lining, for example, being used for making colorless transparent film on TV or mobile phone folding screen.

                  Our 6FDA product with sufficient supply quantity, excellent quality and low price have been recognized by many domestic and foreign customers such as Japan, Korea, India and Italy and purchased regularly.The minimum order quantity for each customer is 100 kg and the maximum is 1000 kg per month.The specific price shall be determined according to the total quantity of the actual order.We can pack and label according to customer's requirements, and take charge of domestic transportation, which can be transported to the warehouse of main ports in China.

                  我公司6FDA產品的充足ξ 供貨量、優秀品質和低廉價◆格已被日韓、亞歐多家︼國內外客戶認可並定期采購。每個客戶而是別最低起訂量為100公斤,最高每月1000公斤。具體價格根據實╱際訂單總量確定。我方可按照客戶要求包裝、貼標,並負『責國內運輸,可運至國內各主要港口倉庫。

                  六氟二酐(也即4, 4' -(六氟異亞丙基)二鄰苯二心裏暗暗為朱俊州叫好甲酸酐、6FDA,CAS No. 1107-00-2)是應用最廣泛的二酐單體之一,也是目前無色透明聚酰亞胺中使用量最大的二那個詭異酐單體。由六氟二酐合成的聚酰亞胺的玻璃化溫度通常在300°C以上,機械性能和電性能均衡性良好,到目前為止仍是最具有代表性的突然冷了下來含氟聚酰∴亞胺。
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